Seraing (B) (23 photos)

Seraing is an industrial municipality of about 60.000 inhabitants to the south-west of Liège.

The Ourthe Valley (B) (7 photos)


Maremma, Italy (32 photos)

Holidays with my parents in the part of southern Tuscany that I’ve visited often since I was 9. Much of the Maremma – an area that roughly coincides…

Livorno, Italy (18 photos)

I’ve wanted to visit the Tuscan port city of Livorno  (pop.:+/- 150,000) properly for a long time, as I always found it intriguing when passing through. Livorno is…

From Liège (B) to the Dutch border (9 photos)

Ribbon developement covers almost all of the 15 kilometers of the east bank of the Meuse between Liège and Visé.

Pays d’Herve (B), (12 photos)

The Land of Herve is agricultural region to the north-east of Liège that borders the Netherlands and Germany.

Turin, Italy 2015-07-29/31 (24 photos)

One of northern Italy’s major cities and an industrial centre known for Fiat, I liked Turin (IT: Torino, pop.: +/- 1 million) a lot more than I expected….

The Dutch Achterhoek and the adjacent piece of Germany (29 photos)

The Achterhoek is an agricultural region in the east of Gelderland, bordered by the Dutch region of Twente to the north, the Ijssel river to the west and…

Herstal (B) and surroundings (10 photos)

Herstal, a suburban town of about 40.000 inhabitants to the north of Liège, on the west bank of the Meuse.

The city of Liège (B) (36 photos)

Liège isn’t a traditionally beautiful city, but is very varied and often surprising.

Lisbon, Portugal, 2015-03-01-04 (17 photos)

Not as spectacular as Porto, but still pretty good! A few random walks through the Portuguese capital.

Porto, Portugal, 2015-02-26-03-01 (34 photos)

The first stop of a short holiday in Portugal, I though Porto was one of the most fascinating cities I have ever visited. Most of these pictures are…

Aarschot and Tongerlo (B) (14 photos)

Like Leuven, Aarschot is a town with a rich history that was laid in ashes by the Germans in 1914, during the first months of WW1. Lying on…

North Brabant (NL) (13 photos)

Towns in the Belgian-Dutch Kempen and Limburg regions a that share a common history, dialect and culture.

Leuven (B) (8 photos)

The site of one of Belgium’s’ major universities, Leuven is a town with a rich history that was badly damaged during both WW1 and WW2. This is not…

Koekelberg Basilica, Brussels (B) (5 photos)

Koekelberg Basilica was built between 1905 and 1970 as part of King Leopold II’s plan to give Brussels a cityscape worthy of the capital of a great empire….

Bikeride around Tienen and Hoegaarden (B) (19 photos)

Most known for its sugar factory, Tienen is a old and beautiful, if somewhat rundown town of about 30.000 in the hilly Haspengouw (fr: Hesbaye) region of central…

Verviers (B) (12 photos)

Verviers (+/- 55.000 inhabitants), Province of Liège, Belgium, a textile centre that was to be one of the world´s first industrial towns in the early nineteenth century.

Belgian & Dutch Limburg (13 photos)

The Meuse River in the Province of Liège (B) (33 photos)

Excerpt of my as of yet unpublished book covering the whole 65 kilometers of the Meuse river in the Province of Liège in 160 photos.