LivornoI’ve wanted to visit the Tuscan port city of Livorno  (pop.:+/- 150,000) properly for a long time, as I always found it intriguing when passing through. Livorno is a strangely spacious and mismatched city, partly as a result of bombing during WW2. In any case, Livorno is now up there with my favourites when it comes to cities with a slightly weird atmosphere, and I’ll certainly go back to explore again! (Photos taken on 2015-07-23)

1. Central station 1 P1460657b12/3/4.  A block of rather interesting buildings stands next to the station, and it already drew my attention in the train. It includes this derelict art-nouveau villa, which is hidden behind a flyover and …2 P1450940b 3 P1460557b 4 P1450925d5/6. … this (presumably) nineteenth century building5 P1460534b 6 P1460507b7.  The back of the art-nouveau villa7 P1460045b8. On a factory wall 8 P1460078b9. The only non-derelict building on the block is this Italian-style art-nouveau apartment building 9 P1460097c10-16. Along Viale Giosuè Carducci and its sidestreets, on the way to the centre 10 P1460409b 11 P1460167b 12 P1460174b 13 P1460394b 15 P1460210b 16 P1460374b17/18. The centre of Livorno is marked by a brick fort, which now has a park within its walls 17 P1460268b18 P1460319b19. Livorno’s main square, Piazza della Repubblica, seen from the fort 19 P1460340b

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