Holidays with my parents in the part of southern Tuscany that I’ve visited often since I was 9. Much of the Maremma – an area that roughly coincides with the Province of Grosseto –  used to be marshland, but was drained in the Mussolini era,  and is now a flat polder.  As malaria used to be prevalent in the marshes, most of the region’s historic towns and villages are perched on top of the surrounding hills.

1. Buriano, 2015-07-27P1470783c copy for blog2. Montepescali seen from the middle of the plain, 2015-07-27P1470274b3. A farmhouse in the middle of the plain between Buriano and Montepescali, 2015-07-27 P1470248c4. A river near to where it flows into the Mediterranean at Fiumara beach, 2015-07-27 P1460897b 5/6/7/8/9/10. Parco Naturale della Maremma, near the mouth of the River Ombrone, 2014-07 11 P1220966b12 P122071813 P1230080b14 P123010715 P123010516 P1230120b11/12. The coast of Parco Naturale della Maremma, probably the nicest beach in the region, which you can sometimes have all to yourself18 P1230242c18b P1230242c

The provincial capital Grosseto (pop. approx. 80,000) lies in the middle of this plain.

13. Central Grosseto, with the Mussolini-era post-office second from the left, 2014-07
1 P1210600e14. Mussolini-era post office (right), 2007-07-17
1 2007-07-17 03 Grosseto (63)15/16/17/18. Grosseto, 2014-07 19 P1230367b20 P1230508b22 P1230574b19. ‘Consorzio Agrario’, behind Grosseto station, 2007-07-18
4 2007-07-18 Grosseto Conzorzio Agrario (2)21. Industrial estate in Grosseto, 2014-07 10 P1220593

The eastern portion of the Maremma is hilly, and sometimes even mountainous, with Monte Amiata, it’s highest point, reaching 1,738 metres. This region is also home to many hilltop villages and towns.

22. Polveraia, 2014-07 17 P1230177b23. Sunset near Polveraia, 2014-07 2 P1210613b24/25. Cana, 2014-07 5 P1220092b6 P1220119b26/27/28/29. At almost 1200 metres on the summit of Monte Labbro, 2008-07-23
IT TO GR Monte Labbro 2008-07-23 (1)IT TO GR Monte Labbro 2008-07-23 (5)IT TO GR Monte Labbro 2008-07-23 (6)IT TO GR Monte Labbro temple 2008-07-23 (10)30. Lago del Accesa, 2014-07 7 P1220243b27/28. Massa Marittima (pop.: +/- 8,500), 2014-07 8 P1220336d9 P1220527b

 Follonica, a former iron town of about 22,000 on the coast in the north of the province, 2008-07-22

1 2008-07-22 04 Follonica (24)30.2 IT TO GR Follonica 2008-07-22 (3)31.3 IT TO GR Follonica 2008-07-22 (6)32.6 IT TO GR Follonica 2008-07-22 (10)

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