The dirty but interesting metropolis of Mediterranean France.

Retrospectively added 2015-01-12

Typical street in the old centre
1 FR PR Marseille-Old Centre 2008-07-18 (14)Plage des Catelans
2 FR PR Marseille-Plage des Catelans 2008-07-19 (1)View on Marseille from in front of Saint-Charles station
3 FR PR Marseille-Saint-Charles 2008-07-19 (4)Near Saint-Charles station
4 FR PR Marseille-Saint-Charles 2008-07-19 (2)Mazargues
5 FR PR Mazargues 2008-07-19 (3)Leaving Mazargues in the early morning
6 FR PR Mazargues-Boulevard du Prado 2008-07-20 (1)

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