One of northern Italy’s major cities and an industrial centre known for Fiat, I liked Turin (IT: Torino, pop.: +/- 1 million) a lot more than I expected. Though it doesn’t feel quite Italian – more French and Central European, I shouldn’t have expected less, because it is still in the country were most places are worth visiting.

1. A typical 19th century neighbourhood to the north of the centre1 IT PM TO Torino-Aurora-Corso Regina Margherita 2015-07-29 (1)2. 2 IT PM TO Torino-Centro-Largo Montebello 2015-07-29 (2)3. Mole Antonelliana, the symbol of Turin that was built as a synagogue between 1863 and 1889 and now houses the National Museum of Cinema.3 P1480059b4.4 P1480072b5. Backstreets near the central palace5 P1480077b6. The back of the palace7 IT PM TO Torino-Centro-Viale dei Partigiani 2015-07-30 (1)7. One of Turin’s many old squares6 P1480105b  8. Piazza Castello8 P1480093b9. One of Turin’s many arcaded streets9 P1480603b10.10 P1480626b11. Piazza Vittorio Veneto 11 P1480257b12. The river Po12 P1480285b13. Borgo Crimea, on the hillsides on the opposite bank of the Po13 IT PM TO Torino-Borgo Crimea-Corso Giovanni Lanza 2015-07-30 (1)14. 14 P1480297b15. 15 P1480289b16. 16 P1480292b17. Villa della Regina, that was built for the house of Savoy in the 17th century 17 P1480406b18. 18 P1480472b19. 19 P1480535b20. Central market on Porta Palazzo 20 P1480147b21. Corso Giulio Cesare21 P1480162b22. Corso Regina Margherita22 P1480579b23. Corso Vigevano23 P1480661b24. Outside Dora station, many travelers first impression of Turin when arriving from the airport (actually I was going to the airport)24 P1480682b

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