Herstal, a suburban town of about 40.000 inhabitants to the north of Liège, on the west bank of the Meuse.herstal

The railway line from Tongeren to Liège on Rue de Vivegnis, Saint-Léonard, Liège, 2013-01-215-BE-LI-Liège-Saint-Léonard-Rue-des-Steppes-2013-10-06-2Coronmeuse (west bank), 2013-06-02
15 BE LI Herstal-Centre-En Hayeneux 2013-06-02 (1)Bernalmont, (west bank), 2014-01-12
BE LI Herstal-Haut-Bernalmont 2014-01-12 (8)Rue Charlemagne and the railway line to Tongeren, 2015-05-20
21 BE LI Herstal-Haut-Rue Charlemagne 2015-05-20 (6)Rue sur les Thiers, Vottem, 2006-05-21
14-BE-LI-Herstal-Haut-Rue-sur-les-Thiers-2006-05-21-6Hasard Cheratte coal mine seen from Herstal (west bank), 2015-06-03
22 P1420673The empty region know as the Hesbaye (Dutch: Haspengouw) lies to the north of Herstal. Typical Hesbaye landscape near Liers (Herstal), 2006-05-21
7-BE-LI-Herstal-Liers-2006-05-21-02-Liers-3-sGlons, in the Hesbaye, 2014-10-04
5 BE LI Bassenge-Glons-Rue Saint-Laurent 2014-10-04 (7)View towards Tongeren , Province of Limburg, Flanders from near Glons13 BE LI Bassenge-Glons-Thier Saint-Laurent 2014-10-04 (16)14 BE LI Bassenge-Glons-Thier Saint-Laurent 2014-10-04 (21)

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