The Land of Herve is agricultural region to the north-east of Liège that borders the Netherlands and Germany.


From Dalhem to Liège, 2015-08

1. Saive (Blegny)P1500875b2. School in Queue-du-Bois (Beyne-Heusey)P1510565b3.P1510627b4. Old house on the edge of Jupille-sur-Meuse (Liège)P1510001b

5/6. Pays d’Herve near Dalhem, 2013-06-198-BE-LI-Dalhem-2013-06-19-15BE LI Dalhem 2013-06-19 (13)

Winter walk from Herve to Verviers,  2013-01-26

7. Herve (pop. +/- 17,000) is a very old town. House Père Éternel (1737):
4-BE-LI-Herve-2013-01-26-168. Factory
7 BE LI Herve 2013-01-26 (8)9. Under the motorway and high-speed railway line from Liège to Germany
9-BE-LI-Herve-2013-01-26-2410/11. Bruyères11 BE LI Herve-Bruyères 2013-01-26 03 (1)12 BE LI Herve-Bruyères 2013-01-26 03 (6)12. School in Petit-Réchain (Verviers)
14 BE LI Verviers-Petit-Réchain 2013-01-26 (3)

From Liège (B) to the Dutch border (9 photos)
Turin, Italy 2015-07-29/31 (24 photos)