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Aarschot and Tongerlo (B) (14 photos)

Like Leuven, Aarschot is a town with a rich history that was laid in ashes by the Germans in 1914, during the first months of WW1. Lying on…

Leuven (B) (8 photos)

The site of one of Belgium’s’ major universities, Leuven is a town with a rich history that was badly damaged during both WW1 and WW2. This is not…

Koekelberg Basilica, Brussels (B) (5 photos)

Koekelberg Basilica was built between 1905 and 1970 as part of King Leopold II’s plan to give Brussels a cityscape worthy of the capital of a great empire….

Bikeride around Tienen and Hoegaarden (B) (19 photos)

Most known for its sugar factory, Tienen is a old and beautiful, if somewhat rundown town of about 30.000 in the hilly Haspengouw (fr: Hesbaye) region of central…

Belgian & Dutch Limburg (13 photos)

Around Enghien, Belgium (10 photos)

Around the language border in Belgian Brabant (26 photos)

Photos of the region to the south of Brussels, where I went on a lot of walks with my dad after  visiting relatives in Brussels.

Brussels (B) (25 pictures)

Brussels was probably one of the places that initially triggered my interest in cities and architecture, as I regularly visited my grandfather there throughout my childhood and adolescence….

Ath (B) (6 photos)

Ath, Hainaut (pop.: +/- 30.000), 2013-09-21

By the canal in Brussels (B), 2004-2013 (13 photos)

The rapidly changing area around the Brussels-Charleroi Canal in the neighbourhoods to the north of the centre of Brussels. The area was full of derelict buildings when I…

Winter bike-ride through the Belgian and French Ardennes, 2013-02-22 (14 photos)

Viroinval, in the south of the Belgian province of Namur, has to be one of the most picturesque corners of the Ardennes. I took these pictures over the…

Lier (B) (4 photos)

Lier (pop.: +/- 32.000), Province of Antwerp, Belgium. I had to wait an hour for my connection, so I thought I’d have a look around. It was definately…

Charleroi (B), 2005-2011 (19 photos)

Famous for being a dirty, industrial hell-hole, I like to visit Charleroi, a surpringly varied and friendly city.

Duferco iron foundry, Clabecq (B) (10 photos)

It may have been this iron-foundry near Tubize  – which my dad showed me for the first time as a small child – that triggered my fascination for…

Small towns of Walloon Brabant and Hainaut (B) (10 photos)