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Müllerthal, Luxembourg, 2014-05-04 (22 photos)

The Vesdre valley (B) (20 photos)

The Vesdre flows from near the German border to Liège, where it joins the Ourthe shortly before it flows into the Meuse, forming the natural border between the…

Around Enghien, Belgium (10 photos)

Around the language border in Belgian Brabant (26 photos)

Photos of the region to the south of Brussels, where I went on a lot of walks with my dad after  visiting relatives in Brussels.

Roubaix, France (3 photos)

Roubaix, France, 2013-12-07 Part of the Lille agglomeration and near the Belgian border, Roubaix is a post-industrial town of about a 100.000. I went there for the Braderie…

North Holland (7 photos)

Kalf, Zaandam, 2013-11-17 Ijmuiden, North-Holland, 2010-07-25

Utrecht (NL) and surroundings (21 photos)

Utrecht (pop.: +/- 330.000), the town I was born and raised in.

Brussels (B) (25 pictures)

Brussels was probably one of the places that initially triggered my interest in cities and architecture, as I regularly visited my grandfather there throughout my childhood and adolescence….

Ath (B) (6 photos)

Ath, Hainaut (pop.: +/- 30.000), 2013-09-21

By the canal in Brussels (B), 2004-2013 (13 photos)

The rapidly changing area around the Brussels-Charleroi Canal in the neighbourhoods to the north of the centre of Brussels. The area was full of derelict buildings when I…

Girona, Spain, 2013-08-20 (3 photos)

Girona, Catalonia, Spain (pop.: +/- 97.000), location of Girona-Costa brava airport, between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean.

Valencia, Spain, 2013-08 (15 photos)

Evening: Siesta time:

Nancy (F), (8 photos)

Nancy, Lorraine, France (pop.: +/- 105.000)

Spa (B)

The elegant town in the Ardennes that put the word ‘spa’in  ‘spa town’, Spa was frequented by kings and queens in past centuries (pop.: +/- 10.000).

Winter bike-ride through the Belgian and French Ardennes, 2013-02-22 (14 photos)

Viroinval, in the south of the Belgian province of Namur, has to be one of the most picturesque corners of the Ardennes. I took these pictures over the…

Lier (B) (4 photos)

Lier (pop.: +/- 32.000), Province of Antwerp, Belgium. I had to wait an hour for my connection, so I thought I’d have a look around. It was definately…

Perlmoser cement factory, Vienna, Austria, 28-07-2012 (8 photos)

Mukachevo and Chop, Ukraine (22 photos)

Mukachevo, Transcarpathian Oblast, Ukraine, a town of about 85,000 near the borders with Slovakia, Hungary and Romania that has been part of all three countries in the past….

Krivoy Rog, Ukraine (24 photos)

At about than 100 kilometers*, the central Ukrainian steel town of Krivoy Rog (UA: Krivyi Rih, pop.: +/- 650.000) is one of the longest towns in the world…

Kyiv and Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine (16 photos)