Ribbon developement covers almost all of the 15 kilometers of the east bank of the Meuse between Liège and Visé.


1. Jupille-sur-Meuse (Liège), home to Jupiller beer1 P1510196b2/3. Jupille-sur-Meuse is also the birthplace of Charlemagne, even though you wouldn’t say so at a first glance. Jupille also has some very old hidden corners.2 P1510042b 3 P1510058b4. Saroléa castle (1643), Cheratte (Visé), 2012-04-14
3 BE-LI-Visé-Cheratte-Rue-de-Visé-2012-04-145. Former Hasard coal mine, Cheratte, 2015-08-215 P1500419b6. By the motorway from Liège to Maastricht near Richelle (Visé)6 P1500353b7/8. S.C. A.R., near Richelle7 P1500726b 8 P1500347b9. Rue-J.Verkruyts, Hermalle-sous-Argenteau (Oupeye), 2012-04-14

Livorno, Italy (18 photos)
Pays d'Herve (B), (12 photos)