The Vesdre flows from near the German border to Liège, where it joins the Ourthe shortly before it flows into the Meuse, forming the natural border between the Pays d´Herve to the north and the Ardennes to the south. The river  was an important factor in the early industrialisation of textile-town Verviers.

Retrospectively posted on 2015-01-09

1. The Vesdre in Vaux-sous-Chêvremont, 2012-05-13
1-Vesdre-8-copie2.2-Vesdre-10-copie3. Chêvremont Basilica seen from the Ravel 38 cycle path, 2013-06-0858-BE-LI-Ravel-ligne-38-Soumagne-2013-06-08-94. The Vesdre in Fraipont, 2013-07-09
3-BE-LI-Trooz-Fraipont-Rue-Moirivay-Vesdre-2013-07-09-s5. Bois de Tancrémont, 2013-07-09-9
4-BE-LI-Pepinster-Bois-de-Tancremont-2013-07-09-96. Textiles de Pepinster (1940), 2012-08-01-1
5-BE-LI-Pepinster-Pepinster-Rue-Massau-Vesdre-2012-08-01-17. Verviers, 2014-04-1312 BE LI Verviers-Vesdre-Rue A. Snoeck 2014-04-138.8 BE LI Verviers-Vesdre-Quai de la Vesdre 2014-04-13 (8)9. Verviers, 2007-12-21/228-BE-LI-Verviers-2007-12-21-10810.7 LI Verviers 2007-12-21 (114)11. Verviers, 2014-04-139 BE LI Verviers-Rue Fernand Houget 2014-4-13 (3)12.6 BE LI Verviers-Vesdre-Rue Jules Cerexhe 2014-04-13 (2)13. 5 BE LI Verviers-Rue Jules Cerexhe 2014-04-13 (4)14.6 BE LI Verviers 2007-12-21 (107b)15. The Vesdre in Verviers, 2012-08-01
BE LI Verviers-Vesdre-Chemin des Tailles 2012-08-0116. 2007-01-05/062 2007-01-05 05 Verviers (29)b17.3 2007-01-05 05 Verviers (16)18. Early 19th century textile factory on the Vesdre river in Verviers, now council housing, 2012-08-0135-BE-LI-Verviers-Rue-de-Limbourg-2012-08-01-219. Beyond Verviers, a bus-stop near Limbourg, 2011-06-27
BE LI Commune de Limbourg-Bellevaux 2011-06-2720.  the Barrage de la Gilleppe (damming a tributary of the Vesdre), 2011-06-27
BE LI Barage de Gilleppe 2011-06-27 (1)

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