2012-071-UA-Kyiv-near-station-2012-07-17-32-UA-Kyiv-near-station-2012-07-17-2The central ‘Podil’ district, 2011-08-05
39-UA-Kyiv-Velica-Zhytomyrska-2011-08-04-1840-UA-Kyiv-Velica-Zhytomyrska-2011-08-04-2341-UA-Kyiv-Velica-Zhytomyrska-2011-08-04-30Street lights by the Dniepr river42-UA-Kyiv-Dniepr-2011-08-06-3Suburbs near Kharkivska metro station (I think)43-UA-Kyiv-Kharkivska-+-2011-08-05-4

Dniepropetrovsk & Dnieprozherzinsk

Dniepropetrovsk is a city of over a million that lies at the heart of an industrial region that is one of the economic motors of Ukraine. I spent one night in neighbouring Dnieprozherzinsk, and briefly explored both cities the next day. I found it quite hard to find anything as I was new to the country, and mainly saw the areas around the stations.


Entrance to a factory at the end of Prospekt Lenina
1-UA-DN-Dnieprozherzinsk-2011-08-08-20 (3)Stalinist-era buildings on Prospekt Lenina
2-UA-DN-Dnieprozherzinsk-2011-08-08-20 (2)3-UA-DN-Dnieprozherzinsk-2011-08-08-20 (1)Prospekt Lenina
4-UA-DN-Dnieprozherzinsk-2011-08-08-20 (4)


Main station
5-UA-DN-Dniepropetrovsk-station-2011-08-08-1Opposite the station
6b UA DN Dniepropetrovsk 2011-08-08 (1)The bus-station where I arrived from Dnieprozherzinsk

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