Tag: Wallonia

Seraing (B) (23 photos)

Seraing is an industrial municipality of about 60.000 inhabitants to the south-west of Liège.

The Ourthe Valley (B) (7 photos)

Pays d’Herve (B), (12 photos)

The Land of Herve is agricultural region to the north-east of Liège that borders the Netherlands and Germany.

Herstal (B) and surroundings (10 photos)

Herstal, a suburban town of about 40.000 inhabitants to the north of Liège, on the west bank of the Meuse.

The city of Liège (B) (36 photos)

Liège isn’t a traditionally beautiful city, but is very varied and often surprising.

The Vesdre valley (B) (20 photos)

The Vesdre flows from near the German border to Liège, where it joins the Ourthe shortly before it flows into the Meuse, forming the natural border between the…

Around the language border in Belgian Brabant (26 photos)

Photos of the region to the south of Brussels, where I went on a lot of walks with my dad after  visiting relatives in Brussels.

Winter bike-ride through the Belgian and French Ardennes, 2013-02-22 (14 photos)

Viroinval, in the south of the Belgian province of Namur, has to be one of the most picturesque corners of the Ardennes. I took these pictures over the…

Fort de la Chartreuse, Liège (10 photos)

Built by the Dutch in the early nineteenth century, Fort de la Chartreuse was used as barracks and as a military hospital by both the Germans and the…

Charleroi (B), 2005-2011 (19 photos)

Famous for being a dirty, industrial hell-hole, I like to visit Charleroi, a surpringly varied and friendly city.