Viroinval, in the south of the Belgian province of Namur, has to be one of the most picturesque corners of the Ardennes. I took these pictures over the course of a few days, but most are from my 50 kilometer bike-ride from Vierves-sur-Viroin to Dinant, which included a few kilometers in France. It was very cold, but that’s when this region’s is visually at its most atmospheric.

Retrospectively posted on 2015-01-09

1. Couvin
2-BE-NA-Vierves-sur-Viroin-2013-02-18-22-13. The Viroin in Vierves
3 BE NA Vierves-sur-Viroin-Viroin 2013-02-19(1)4. Vierves cemetery
4 BE NA Vierves-sur-Viroin 2013-02-18-22 (15)5. Landscape between Vierves and Treignes
5-BE-NA-Treignes-2013-02-22-16. Treignes
6-BE-NA-Treignes-2013-02-22-47. Ardennes style Art Nouveau in Treignes
7-Untitled_Panorama108. One of the last houses before the French border
8-Untitled_Panorama139./10. Welcome to the land of the future!
9 FR CA Vireux-Molhain 2013-02-22 (2)10 FR CA Vireux-Molhain 2013-02-22 (3)11. Chooz (F) nuclear power plant on the Meuse river
11 FR-CA-Chooz-Centrale-Nucléaire-Meuse-2013-02-22-512. Givet (F) and the Meuse
12 FR CA Givet-Meuse (2)13. Former customs building in Givet
13 FR-CA-Givet-2013-02-22-214. Dinant, 25 kilometers downstream and back in Belgium
14-Untitled_Panorama3213. The Meuse in Anseremme (Dinant, Province of Namur) on a cold night, 2006-01-04

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