MukachevoMukachevo, Transcarpathian Oblast, Ukraine, a town of about 85,000 near the borders with Slovakia, Hungary and Romania that has been part of all three countries in the past. (2012-07)

1. Town hall46-UA-ZA-Mukachevo-Town-hall-2012-07-272.  The Latorica river 47-UA-ZA-Mukachevo-Latorica-2012-07-243/4. View from my friends’ apartment, in the only neighbourhood of Soviet-era apartment blocks48-UA-ZA-Mukachevo-2012-07-25-1 49-UA-ZA-Mukachevo-2012-07-25-25. Reminder that Mukachevo’s has been a Hungarian town during various periods in history. 50-UA-ZA-Mukachevo-2012-07-25-86/7/8/9. The traditional style of building, which is similar across the border in Slovakia, Hungary and Romania 51-UA-ZA-Mukachevo-2012-07-27-2 52-UA-ZA-Mukachevo-2012-07-25-6 53-UA-ZA-Mukachevo-2012-07-27-4 54-UA-ZA-Mukachevo-2012-07-27-710. School 55-UA-ZA-Mukachevo-2012-07-25-1811. Regional interpretation of art-nouveau 56-UA-ZA-Mukachevo-2012-07-27-612. New church 57-UA-ZA-Mukachevo-2012-07-24-313/14. Some other recent buildings 58-UA-ZA-Mukachevo-2012-07-25-3 59-UA-ZA-Mukachevo-2012-07-25-1915. Palanok Castle, from where Transylvania was once ruled60-UA-ZA-Mukachevo-Palanok-Castle-2012-07-25-216. View on Mukachevo from Palanok Castle 61-UA-ZA-Mukachevo-Palanok-Castle-2012-07-25-717/18. Near the station 62-UA-ZA-Mukachevo-Station-2012-07-27-3 63-UA-ZA-Mukachevo-Station-2012-07-27-4

I passed through the nearby village of Chop – on the Hungarian border – early in the morning when leaving Ukraine in 2009 and 2011.

19. A street in Chop
4-UA-ZA-Cop-2011-08-16-420. Chop inland station
1 UA ZA Cop-Station 2011-08-16 (1)21. The neighbouring international station, from where trains depart for the nearby Hungarian village of Zahony
2 UA ZA Cop-Station 2011-08-16 (2)22. Soviet-era mural in the international station

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