Romania is really a great country to visit, it is beautiful and varied, and the people are extremely easy to talk to – we spoke to everyone, from university professors to peasants and even the maffia. The journey started in Berlin, and we traveled past Wroclaw and Przemysl, Poland and  L’viv (pop.: +/- 730.000), a beautiful historic city in western Ukraine that before travelling to Romania through Uzhorod and a small corner of Hungary.

Retrospectively posted 2015-01-09

L’viv, Ukraine, 2009-07-27
44-UA-Lviv-2009-07-27-1Carei station, near the Hungarian border in Romania, 2009-07-29
01-RO-Carei-Station-2009-07-29-1Administrative Palace, Satu Mare, Romania, 2009-07-29
02-RO-Satu-Mare-2009-07-29-5Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2009-07-31
1 RO Cluj-Napoca 2009-07-31 (4)02-RO-Cluj-Napoca-2009-07-31-1103-RO-Cluj-Napoca-2009-07-31-1604-RO-Cluj-Napoca-2009-07-31-32From the train to Brașov
05-RO-Cluj-Brasov-2009-07-31-10Bucharest, Romania
4-RO-Bucuresti-Nord-2009-08-04-15-RO-Bucuresti-Nord-2009-08-04-136-RO-Bucuresti-Nord-2009-08-04-157-RO-Bucuresti-Nord-2009-08-04-6Constanta, Romania

Charleroi (B), 2005-2011 (19 photos)
Duferco iron foundry, Clabecq (B) (10 photos)