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Katowice, Poland, 2012-07-16 (7 photos)

Building next to Wittenberg (D) station, 2012-07-09 (1 photo)

Changing trains at this station in the German state of Brandenburg on the way to Berlin.

Budapest, 2012-02-21-24 (9 photos)

Weekend in Budapest.

Fort de la Chartreuse, Liège (10 photos)

Built by the Dutch in the early nineteenth century, Fort de la Chartreuse was used as barracks and as a military hospital by both the Germans and the…

Charleroi (B), 2005-2011 (19 photos)

Famous for being a dirty, industrial hell-hole, I like to visit Charleroi, a surpringly varied and friendly city.

L’viv (UA) and Romania 2009-07/08 (19 photos)

Romania is really a great country to visit, it is beautiful and varied, and the people are extremely easy to talk to – we spoke to everyone, from…

Duferco iron foundry, Clabecq (B) (10 photos)

It may have been this iron-foundry near Tubize  – which my dad showed me for the first time as a small child – that triggered my fascination for…

Marseille (F), 2008-07-17-20 (6 photos)

The dirty but interesting metropolis of Mediterranean France.

Small towns of Walloon Brabant and Hainaut (B) (10 photos)

Balkan Trip 2007-07/08 (15 photos)


Landscape near Imola (I), 2005-08 (4 photos)

Province of Bologna, Emilia Romagna.