Tag: Industry

Seraing (B) (23 photos)

Seraing is an industrial municipality of about 60.000 inhabitants to the south-west of Liège.

By the canal in Brussels (B), 2004-2013 (13 photos)

The rapidly changing area around the Brussels-Charleroi Canal in the neighbourhoods to the north of the centre of Brussels. The area was full of derelict buildings when I…

Perlmoser cement factory, Vienna, Austria, 28-07-2012 (8 photos)

Krivoy Rog, Ukraine (24 photos)

At about than 100 kilometers*, the central Ukrainian steel town of Krivoy Rog (UA: Krivyi Rih, pop.: +/- 650.000) is one of the longest towns in the world…

Duferco iron foundry, Clabecq (B) (10 photos)

It may have been this iron-foundry near Tubize  – which my dad showed me for the first time as a small child – that triggered my fascination for…